"a supremely musical and assured artist"

HK Gruber into the open... / Wiener Symphoniker, cond. Erik Nielsen

"Colin Currie, as ever a supremely musical and assured artist, had mostly tuned percussion to deal with as he walked through that landscape. I thought at the time of it as an orchestral backdrop, with strong echoes of Berg. The feeling of suspense was powerfully maintained, as much a tribute to Nielsen’s conducting as to Gruber’s writing."
Seen and Heard International, November 2015 

"Gruber’s work is a solo percussion concerto. However, although it is a truly soloistic, bold piece, Nali Gruber resisted the temptation to reduce it to a series of ostentatious moments. Therefore, this is a “virtuosic” work that is in reality nothing of the sort, with none of the purely muscular, technical bravado you might expect: the solo and orchestral parts meaningfully intertwined to create a symphonic whole, making the fact that percussion soloist Colin Currie was also able to combine this with a high-performance athletic display even more impressive."
Observer Austria, November 2015