"Currie plays with forensic exactitude and mercurial brilliance"

NMC D218 Holt.jpg

Recording: Holt a table of noises / The Hallé Orchestra (NMC)

".. the percussion concerto A Table of Noises opens this exceptional collection..In its own typically idiosyncratic way, the percussion work is equally haunting. Composed for Colin Currie,and inspired by Holt’s memories of a great uncle who was a one-legged taxidermist, it limits the soloist to the instruments he can place on a table, yet generates an astonishing variety of pitched and unpitched textures that punctuate the orchestra’s riffs and manic clockworks."
The Guardian, March 2017 

"Ever ready to shine, Colin Currie is the brilliant soloist in this entertaining work"
Financial Times, April 2017 

"Currie plays with forensic exactitude and mercurial brilliance"
Daily Telegraph, April 2017

"a bewitching disc of Simon Holt’s concertos – including the percussion piece A Table of Noises"
Guardian 2017 in review, December 2017