"the overall effect was mesmeric"

Reich TehillimDrumming / Colin Currie Group / Royal Festival Hall, cond. Colin Currie

"This performance of Steve Reich’s 1971 masterpiece Drumming was as thrilling to watch as hear. The tension built as four percussionists from the Colin Currie Group, led by the master himself, weaved a mesmerising tracery of overlapping rhythms on four bongos... another shift in personnel switched the focus to a tinkling cascade of glockenspiels, counterpointed against whistles and piccolo. Finally, the whole ensemble coalesced in a pulsating climax."
The Times, five stars, May 2017 

"Colin Currie led the performance... the overall effect was mesmeric..my reaction as ever is how can they perform this music with so many gradual changes from memory and so exactly? It’s a feat – it almost defies explanation, or criticism."
Classical Source, May 2017