***** "Thunderously exciting"


Recording: Reich Drumming / Colin Currie Group (Colin Currie Records)

Editor's Choice "These guys have a pedigree with this unfathomably difficult score and their fresh, slick recording shows it. Handling of the overlapping of Reich’s 12 beat pattern – polyrhythmic as each of the nine percussionists, two vocalists, piccolo player and whistler shimmy on to their own individual down-beat – is rock solid. On top, the playing is more than secure: confident, bright and delivered on the front foot, in apparent contrast to the ritualistic sobriety with which Reich and his musicians would play the piece in its infancy. The performance is tighter than that from Ictus, the current Gramophone recommendation. It is also more rooted, as neat and magnificent as a Rothko in its sewing-up of the bigger picture. A Drumming for this decade – and probably a few to come, too." Gramophone, April 2018

"an alluring blend of sonorities ... this recording draws on their experience in perfecting its intricate rhythmic patterns. The percussionists and the wordless voices of Synergy Vocals alike come across with a vivid presence."
Financial Times, March 2018 

***** “The album marks the debut of Colin Currie Records, a promising new outlet for the artistry and flair of Britain’s most adventurous percussion player ... This recording of Steve Reich’s percussion epic is thunderously exciting, thrusting us into the action.”
The Times, March 2018

"a blistering account of Reich’s masterpiece"
Classical Source, March 2018

"sheer physicality and visceral intensity"
Guardian, February 2018