"Colin Currie created a shimmering aura"

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"Colin Currie the virtuoso soloist, imagined an orchestral kaleidoscope of flickering lights and perfectly judged timbres."
Financial Times, January 2019

β€œIt was the little smiles that gave it away. Every time Colin Currie reached the end of a phrase at the marimba, a brief but unmistakable grin flickered across his face. Yes, this new Percussion Concerto by Helen Grime was difficult, but could he make its rhythmic and expressive demands seem easy? You bet.”
The Times, January 2019

"Colin Currie at first created a shimmering aura while the orchestra acted as a kind of rhythm machine...the more contemplative passages were the most striking."
Evening Standard, January 2019

"[Currie] built to a magnificent sustained climax with the soloist rotating patterns around his kit. The whole work is a model of clarity, timbral exquisiteness and rhythmic tautness. Currie rose to every challenge and gave the impression he could have taken worse."
Classical Source, January 2019

"Dense cross rhythms abound in this beautifully crafted showcase... [Currie] leapt between multiple percussion instruments, battled with the strings and fended off fiercely difficult marimba passages without breaking a sweat."
Bachtrack, January 2019