Watch: 'Intrada' World Premiere


Last year I gave the World Premiere of Intrada for Vibraphone and Piano by Sir Harrison Birtwistle, written for myself and Nicolas Hodges. It is a fascinating, deeply felt miniature musical world and well worth a listen, in this instance from this World Premiere performance, live at the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

Working with Harry is a great honour - he is as humble as he is humorous and full of wit, mischief and vitality. A supremely restless, questioning artistic mind. 

In this recital programme, we paired up with other works by Birtwistle, Morton Feldman and also Karlheinz Stockhausen’s monumental Kontakte (also featured here in this film). You can hear us play this mixed programme once again next season, at the Vienna Konzerthuas and Rotterdam’s DeDoelen.